Selected Skills

Team Leading

Communication, Project Management, Moderation and Workshop Design

Problem Solving

Mathematics, Computer Science, Problem Formulation

Software Development

Linux, IT Security, Agile and Test Driven Development, Code Review, CI, Docker and Git

General-purpose Programming

C/C++, JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, React and Angular

High-performance Computing

CUDA, OpenMP and MPI

Numerical Programming

Numpy/Scipy, MATLAB, Julia and Fortran

Image Processing

OpenCV, scikit-image and vigra

Data Science

2D/3D Visualization, Pandas, Big Data Processing

Machine Learning

Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines, Scikit-learn and Tensorflow

Recent Publications

. Non-standard Analysis in Dynamic Geometry. Journal of Symbolic Computation, 2019.

Preprint PDF Source Document

. Non-standard Analysis in Projective Geometry. Dissertation - Technical University Munich, 2018.

PDF Source Document

. Cindyjs - Mathematical Visualization on Modern Devices . ICMS, 2016.

Preprint PDF Code Project Slides

. Color and Flow Inpainting for Video Completion. GCPR, 2014.

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Automatic Removal of Singularities in Geometric Construction

Discretization in Geometry and Dynamics - Web based visualization of mathematics

CindyJS is a framework to create interactive mathematical content for the web.